Anna von Berkholz


Depending on the level of difficulty of a source text, the amount of work involved in a translation can vary significantly. Complicated specialised texts sometimes require extensive research on behalf of the translator which naturally reflects on the price of the translation. In some cases, formatting of the source text can also influence the time needed to fulfil an assignment. Thus, it is almost impossible to make a general statement on the cost of a translation.

However, as a guideline, it can be said that the price per standard line (1 standard line = 55 characters incl. blanks) for commonly comprehensible, simple texts is usually around 1.25 Euro, whereas it can be up to 2 Euro per line for texts requiring intensive research.
For urgent assignments, we may charge a moderate surcharge on the price per line. Revision and proofreading is usually charged by hour. In order to receive a non-binding estimate for an assignment, please feel free to send a short email to, if possible with the source text attached.